Clash Royale Hack

At first, pay attention to mixtures of units, so that it is always balanced. This advice also applies to later, so be careful not to slam all your elixir too strong units.
Do not panic when you lose a turn, it is still possible to reverse the game to your advantage. It is often in such moments that many lose their means. Contain yourself!
When one minute remaining time on the clock, do not throw all your stupid units. You must first ensure that your towers and the Kings Tower Tower (center) is protected.
Question to the community:
What advice would you give to beginners?

According to a German reader (named Hannes Gutsh) he advises the reader first to use the giants to take the damage of the towers, and then deploy the remote units. Then repeat until you win the first round. After that, Hannes prefers to defensive mode and waiting to see the opponent motion.

For players who have reached level 3, Hannes recommends using the tactic of Prince, in the image of Clash of Clans. Clearly, therefore advises to send very strong first units to ensure the right balance behind with units that are capable of producing much damage. Flying units are also practical.

Tips for Decks
Before entering a game like Clash Royale Hack, you need to think of sophisticated tactics and still surprise your opponents. Do not worry, there is no technique that ensures 100% victory anyway here are some tips that can help

As mentioned in the stuff for beginners, do not waste your elixir in overpriced units. Also note that it is not advisable to carry too cheap units that could be scanned too fast.
Generally, we recommend using the units that are able to move quickly, so to hasten the enemy buildings. Remember that some units are even specialized in specific areas: a lot of points, antiaircraft, etc.
Your cards are required to submit to your combat preferences. If you play aggressively, you will have guessed that the fast moving units are widely recommended. For those who prefer to play defensive units that can absorb a lot of damage are preferred.

Tactics and Strategies.
Here we offer you some tips to improve your strategic skills:
Players who do not react quickly enough to the action have no chance in the game.
Early in the game, wait for the elixir counter contains 10 to start creating units.
Protect your remote troops to prevent the person to be cut like paper and, by strong units. As an example, you can send a giant and a bomber behind to protect them.
Secure your victory. If you have already built an enemy tower, you have an advantage and can respond to enemy attacks more easily. This argument is especially true with top players, where it is recommended to break out or the defense towers as the first choice.
If you are certain that your turns is prepared to surrender immediately respond by sending troops on a tower enemy! You will see that it is not interesting to fight hard for a tower that has little power
Moreover, it is often destroyed by a fireball
Your towers can very well defend against many opponents. Adjust your units based on those in front as there is always one against. To defend these jackals of goblins, you can consider hiring a small band of fighters who will make mincemeat.
Units that rapidly destroy the towers, like the Knights, Giant, among others are relatively troublesome. That said, other combat units are superior to them.

Improving the maps
Once you have reached a certain level, did you know that allows you to improve your cards with gold? If you feel comfortable with a map, you can already improve that.
Anyone using real money has enough gold to improve its units.
It may be interesting to regularly improve the units that are not included in the deck of the player. Making improvements, units are not only stronger, they also come in other strategies for the future.
Question to the community:
What are the units that you upgrade first?

Chests and Gems
To open a chest, just wait the specified time or pay to unlock. If possible, avoid wasting your money by opening chests, and do one or more missions to pass the time.
When you complete challenges, you unlock gems free. To cite just one example, you can unlock 5 gems watching a game on Royal TV (last tab).